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The First Week

Off to a great start, this week.

I’m exhausted, but I’m learning so much already. I finally have all my textbooks, and I haven’t been late yet (score!)

In this first week, we’ve started setting up our online profile (this) and we’ve also begun to make patterns for our first-ever pair of shoes – simple court shoes, which everyone else thinks are ugly but I think are actually kind of cute (don’t tell the others).

We began on Tuesday by covering lasts (basically shoe forms – physical objects that look like shoes, made of wood or plastic or 3-d printed) with masking tape. Obviously there’s a little more to it than that, and there’s a lot of very specific ways that you have to do it so that it comes out usable.


Next, there’s a lot of very fiddly ways to get the tape off the last and onto pattern paper, and then we draw around it several times, refining and shaping and eventually coming out with something that can be cut out of leather and made into a shoe!


We’re really making progress, and I’ll keep this updated as I go through the course!


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